Thursday, September 21, 2006

Struggling on

I am continuing with my wide ribbon project. I have to get it finished because I have something that I am really anxious to start. There is a top and shrug set on page 19 of Interweave knits that I adore. I am so glad I have a granddaughter in the grownup area. I like knitting both kinds but I think this is something special. Also am looking at baby hats. This is thanks to my knitting pal Stacey and the book she just purchased. I don't expect any more baby to knit for but a couple of them are so cute that my poor scarf exchange may be stuck with a new baby hat..The only person I know is pregnant right now. There is one thing about getting older. First you and all your friends are having babies. Next your "babies" are all having babies and then there is a dry spell. This is when we borrow babies to knit for from others. Kind of fun and no pressure.

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