Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sunflower Socks

Well I finally finished the never to be famous sunflower socks. This is the first time I attempted to dye with regular dye and not Kool Aid. I purchased some watermelon yarn and decided, "I can do that." Next I thought, "why stick with watermelon?" There are all kinds of things out there to use as inspiration. Fall is coming. Why not Sunflowers? Famous last words. My yarn dying pal and I ended up dying in the rain. The socks are just not what I visioned them to be. Oh well, It gives me a chance to dye again. Maybe next time I will be closer. Logan, will like them. Does anyone else have a problem making clothing items for boys. I raised all boys. Now I have 4 grandsons and 2 granddaughters. I hate to admit it but there is something a lot more fun sewing a frilly dress then a sports jacket. It isn't that I love the boys less but it is just more fun making items for the girls. Lucky for me Logan will wear the socks and be happy but he won't be so happy wearing funky socks when he is older. Maybe I will have moved on to less dramatic things by that time.

Oh, I did discover one thing. I used a permanent marker on the yarn that was, of course, running low on ink. The spots came out light and didn't show as dramatically as I wanted. I gritted my teeth and used a new marker after the socks were knitted. I am never going to run around putting marks on yarn again. I will just put the dots on the finished item. Much faster and lots more control of where you put the color.

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