Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Rain Rain

It's still raining here in South Eastern Wisconsin. I like to know that everything is getting its moisture for the long winter ahead but it would be nice to have a few dry moments. Napoleon and I have been walking morning and night. For me it takes a rain jacket and a can of mosquito spray per walk. Long rains do give me time to curl up at night and work on my scarf as well as some other projects. Tomorrow, into the garden, that is if it dries up at all. The squash, tomatoes, cukes and onions will either be huge or rotten. I am not sure which one I am hoping to find. I love the first "fruits" of the garden but by this time of year I could take a little break. By December I will be craving the taste of that fresh tomato. Humans, it seems that we are never satisfied or...at least I'm not. My youngest is using the computer tomorrow but I will see if I can't find time to chat if not I am not giving up my daily post. I will admit there will be exceptions and this is one.

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